Inside Us All

by Ad Intra

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The debut full length of Ad Intra, as a digital download, you can download for free or pay any amount you want. Physical copies of the album coming soon.

El primer disco de larga duración de Ad Intra, como descarga digital, puedes descargar gratis o pagar cualquier cantidad. Copias físicas del disco muy pronto a la venta.


released February 1, 2013

Produced, mixed and mastered at LightsOut Studios by Daniel Luces
Drums recorded by Juan Gonzalez
Additional percussion in "Inside Us All" by Maik Cazenave
Additional vocals in "We Aren't Ready To Take Off" by Nelson Castro
Recorded at LightsOut Studios in A Coruña, Spain
Except drums, recorded at Sidewalk Producciones, in Barcelona, Venezuela
Guitars reamped by Jason Constantine at Constantine Studios in Las Vegas, USA
Artwork by Julian Castillo of Codevil design
Artistic Concept by Julian Castillo and Ad Intra
Band photography by Daniel Puente Bello



all rights reserved


Ad Intra A Coruña, Spain

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Track Name: The Wind That Brings Life
Silence takes over his existence
When a great emptiness fills him
But fate never lets him lose the will to live
It stays strong and never decays
Until it's impossible to stay behind the line

These feelings are over
You've turned your back on the wind that brings life
These feelings are over
And they're not coming back

You're going through a pitiful moment
Stay calm, someone will find you now
But you must remember
This horizon is easy to see, but it's impossible to reach
Believe me, we need the truth
Open your eyes and watch him sleep

In silence they suffer, in loneliness they die
We are living a lie, we are living in darkness
that covers our eyes
And takes away the reality of life
Track Name: We Aren't Ready to Take Off
The quiet solitude that calls me
Drags me into his soul
Ironically makes me feel more near to the Earth
And while I’m shaking
I’m entering an unknown world

We die when we have already learned
And finished our mission in life
Enriching our souls and spirits
To escape to an astral plane

I see myself as another person
Someone stronger than I really am
I’m feeling comfortable for what I have done
Feeling I can rise and float far away
But more near to my inner I

This experience has made me remember
What I really am
An inert body full of energy
Free of these jails that limit us

Now we are ready to take off
Track Name: Silent the Night That Shelters Me
Tonight I wrap myself in darkness
In a desperate attempt to find your hiding place

You my confident, my reliever
Never judge nor deciever
You, the quiet moon
Who enlightens my sense of reason
Before the light absorbs me
I will become your disciple
Trapped in the desert of my intuition
To fade away in time
To fade my way out of life

I stand alone, feet to the ground
Lovely the sound of darkness eternal
I pledge my life, within his bliss
Prepared to kiss the clouds that surround me

I beg you, I make you
Take down the walls that surround me
I need you, I bleed
You must decieve the symptoms around me

You stay, drowned underneath the night
You have become, another lost soul
In between millions of your kind
A treasure I'll never find

Tonight I realize you're nothing more
Than a fading vision in my troubled mind
And even though I know you're not real
I'll hold on until the day I die
In unmeasurable ignorance

To die by my side
is to live in my light
In him I am strong
For I will never be alone again
Track Name: Fall Asleep for Last Time
Sensation of oppression
And slowness floods my chest
Dark solitude settles on me
As veil of widow
Leaving in my interior
what had to flow
As flows the water in a river,
And flows the blood in my veins

While rain is falling in the morning
I visit your dwelling
knowing that on this day
You’ll fall asleep for last time

You don’t know what really happens
But you see me like saying goodbye
And requesting aid to end your agony
While you choose your dying complaint

Everything in nature must follow it’s course

All your suffering, and agony
You left it when you took off
And it was fused with mine
Track Name: Inside Us All
Track Name: Visions of a Lifetime
Being adorned by daylight
Floating over the water of a warm river
Why is his body so cold?
Can it be he doesn’t take his soul with him?

If visions of a lifetime could reveal what happened
The words of the dust would be reborn
And memories would return from forgotten places

Would he have his own funeral?
In front of the faces of the forgotten
Would he have his own grave?
Upon the water of some river

Right now the moon illuminates the hill
And his body continues even without life
But in fear of future death
Track Name: And I Cry... Yet Still I Live
My visions embrace a clouded spring
My veins drown my heart
And my soul floating in the wind, alone
But I can live
The horrible tides wash up upon my internal space
As I bless my earth
Martyrs shed tears of blood…
As they bear witness of our final days
And as the world ends
Still I can laugh, and still I can believe, I can believe…

Many people but with few souls
I birth an empire in my mind
It doesn’t fall by the balance between eternal hate or infinite love
Who wishes to get in… the mask you must leave at the door
And then we will feel,
And then we shall sleep.

Sometimes I am enthralled in fear
And fear makes me its victim
But I close my eyes
And I enter the eternal dimension of my dreams
The world outside revels in the wicked
I can listen to them, until I forget that they are there
Whilst I still cry, and still yet live